Pondside Retreat and Sauna

This miniature sauna and retreat sits pondside off the beaten path somewhere in the Green Mountains. Nestled among the trees at the edge of a woodland, this small outbuilding is set apart from the house as a quiet getaway. It has no power, no plumbing, and just three spaces–a covered porch, sauna, and small multi-purpose room that can be used as sleeping quarters, a meditation space or tea room.

Constructed of natural spruce and cedar, the small structure sits lightly on the land (built on piers) and seems to grow out of the surrounding forest. Viewed from the exterior, it mingles with the trees and is reflected in the nearby pond.

The inside is rendered in bare studs and exposed wood sheathing punctuated by windows and doors whose strategically placed and variously sized panes of clear glass frame woodland, pond and pasture views. A small wood stove provdes heat for the sauna.

This project was featured in Vermont Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2011 issue.

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