Summer Intern Andreya Zvonar

During the months of July and August, EHAD welcomed Middlebury College intern, Andreya Zvonar.

Working with Elizabeth Herrmann, Andreya designed and built a chair through an iterative process. Through sketching, scaled modeling, and multiple full-size mock-ups, the chair design improved throughout Andreya’s internship.









Andreya designed his chair following the design principles of EHAD’s Timeline House.   Andreya explained:  “The Timeline House unobtrusively compliments Vermont vernacular with a modern addition. Working off of the idea of complimentary, yet distinct forms, the Timeline Chair seeks to blend a traditional chair base with a geometric backrest.  The base is comprised of a carved seat, which hearkens back to traditional Windsor chair design. Four legs splay from the seat through mortise and tenon joinery, increasing the chair’s stability. The geometric backrest, which stretches below the seat, doubles as a magazine holder and acts as the modern addition to the traditional form. While small in scale, the project reflects sustainable principles by relying on reclaimed pine, Douglas fir, and ipe.”

A full description of the process behind the Timeline Chair is available at Andreya’s website.

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