Barn-Like Modern House Takes Shape

This new, modern, energy efficient, home is currently in the design phase and is slated for fall construction in Williams Hill Development, a unique, “green” residential community located in Charlotte, Vermont. Inspiration for the house came from the owners’ interests in juxtaposing rustic, traditional (barn-like) elements with sleek, contemporary forms. The merging of urban loft with hay loft, both inside and out results in the dynamic interplay of textures and materials, while the reinterpretation of a utilitarian building type as a sleek dwelling presents opportunities for thinking outside the salt box. There are some really playful elements in the house– a ladder leading up to a cozy part of the loft, sliding barn doors throughout (some quite large), windows that change in shape and scale to frame views and vary the experience of each space.

Look for more information in the blog as the house develops!

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