Cape and Carriage House

This Cape Cod style home was transformed by adding a carriage barn-style addition and refinishing the entire exterior. Vinyl siding was replaced with cedar shingles; an asphalt roof was replaced by standing seam metal. Details such as a new fir entry door and window trim complete the picture.

The carriage barn addition has a two-car garage on the lower level with a large family room space above. A timber-supported walkway connects the barn to the main house. Open underneath, this “bridge” allows for passage by mower or people to the back yard.

Where once guests entered the basement because the driveway level was disconnected from the main floor of the house, they now take a more gracious route along a new stone retaining wall, up steps, and along a stone walkway and planting beds to the front door.

Construction credits:
Sheehan Construction, Inc., Salisbury, VT, general contractor
Colby Hill Landscape Company, Lincoln, VT, landscaping stone work

This project was designed and managed by Elizabeth Herrmann during her tenure at Heaton + Herrmann Architects. The Architect-of-Record for the project is shared between Elizabeth Herrmann Architect, P.C. and P.C..

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