Meadow House

Designed for a builder and his wife, this new house sits atop a gently sloping meadow and is surrounded by rolling hills. The project came with an unusual constraint: when the clients purchased the land, a foundation was already in place. The architectural challenge was to design an updated farm house that fit naturally into its preexisting footprint. Our strategy was to break down the house into what appears like a series of smaller volumes built around a main volume, much like farm houses that were added to over time. Porches, which are built on piers, are the only areas that go beyond the given foundation. These small projections, in addition to providing much needed outdoor cover, give relief to the exterior of the house, particularly on the north side where the foundation is long and straight.

Inside, the footprint lent itself to an open living plan, with an entry porch and mud room at the east end, and smaller family room at the west. A master suite and bedrooms are housed on the second level. Phase two, which is not yet built, includes a trellis and outdoor gathering space on the long, south-facing facade. Elizabeth Herrmann architecture + design has enjoyed working with Salamander Construction on a number of projects following this first. This project was completed by Elizabeth Herrmann during her tenure at Heaton + Herrmann Architects.

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