Project Published in “Salvage Secrets” Book

51T-K4AzjVLA kitchen renovation project designed by Elizabeth Herrmann will be published in a soon-to-be-released book entitled “Salvage Secrets.” Vermonters, author Joanne Palmisano and photographer Susan Teare, teamed up to showcase the wonderful potential of incoroporating salvaged items into architecture. The Herrmann project highlighted in the book is used to illustrate the creative employment of salvaged glass. In this case, a large, antique, stained glass window was set into a two-sided, glass kitchen cabinet. The artful window, back lit from within the cabinet, adds light and color to the space while serving as a decorative way to define the boundary between the kitchen and neighboring living room. “My client has a great eye,” remarks Herrmann. She found the window at a salvage yard and knew instantly she wanted to incorporate it in the renovation. My job was to make it fit in naturally with the rest of the kitchen. I really like working with and incorporating such unusual and unexpected historic elements into my designs–they personalize a home at the same time they connect it to the community beyond.”

“Salvage Secrets” will be officially released in September. It is a great coffee table book and how-to resource as well as a tribute to Vermont talent, particularly its architects, designers and builders whose many diverse projects are featured within. For more information, see the link below.

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