Turn Around House

The land on which this remodeled house stands has sweeping Lake Champlain and Adirondak views, but the kit Cape Cod style house built there in the 1970’s seemed to face the wrong direction and did not acknowledge its outstanding viewpoint. Rather than tear down the original house, we decided to transform it–to effectively turn it around. Although the original house’s exterior form was largely maintained, the interior and exterior were dramatically changed to take full advantage of the views, open up and expand the interior, and update the finishes.

Garage and screened porch spaces were captured as interior living spaces and transformed into an eclectic kitchen and elegant, connected dining room.

Walls separating dark interior rooms were removed, and large-scale windows and glass doors were added to face the view. The house was also transformed stylistically from a dark, rustic Cape to a light-filled, colorful Contemporary. Exterior cladding was replaced with warm-colored cedar shingle siding, and a new entry canopy with Asian-inspired steel and wood details takes the place of the old garage door.

Inside, the lively play of color and texture, natural light, and views –both outside and toward adjoining rooms–makes for a dynamic and expansive interior. Now the house seems to face the right direction, and the interior and exterior flow seamlessly together.

Construction credits: Cartwright Construction, Vergennes, VT, general contractor
Consultants: Ashley J. Robinson, Charlotte, VT, landscape designer

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