Modern Lake House

Sitting on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, this home was designed to take full advantage of its spectacular setting.  The street-facing side is quiet– its varied volumes, offset forms and deep-set porch create a welcoming entry through layers of beautifully landscaped gardens.  Once inside, the view of the lake is made visible through a largely transparent, lake-facing western facade.  Here on the private, lake-facing side, the house opens up with bold gestures toward the water and large expanses of glass.  Each major living space has a special relationship to the lake and outdoors to capitalize on 180 degree Adirondack and lake views.  On the first floor, living spaces spill into an outdoor terrace complete with kitchen and fireplace, with a pool and sauna at the southern end.  Upstairs, the master suite enjoys its own covered terrace.  A three-story, steel circular stair provides access from poolside to deck and roof perch above.  A palette of rich woods combined with glass, steel and painted cement board siding give the house a modern edge without feeling cold.

One of the most distinctive features of the house is a curved shading device on the western facade, a sculptural form that also houses soft exterior terrace lighting.  Its arch is echoed in the gentle curves of the terraced steps just below which lead to outdoor living areas.


Construction credit:  Red House, Inc., Burlington, VT

Landscape Architect: Wagner Hodgson Landcape Architects, Burlington, VT

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