Wooded Lake House
Leicester, VT

The Wooded Lake House underwent extensive renovation work and dramatic transformation.  By shifting spaces and adding on a much needed mud room, entry and half bath, we were able to create a dramatically more functional and beautiful home, all while respecting the original forms of the classic prow house.  We also redesigned the lake-facing deck, making it deeper so that furniture could be placed outside, and replacing the old wood rail with a lighter cable rail for better sight lines.

The palette and color scheme are consistent both inside and out, so the house has a unified and fluid feel.  Natural oak, blue/gray and white are used in combination throughout and punctuated by stainless steel elements.  Brazilian soap stone counter tops add punch and create a focal point in the main living space.  Floating oak shelves help create a separate space for the piano and animate the tall wall serving as a backdrop to the main living area.  We chose streamlined mid-century styled furnishings and lighting to compliment the architecture and maintain a light, airy feel.

We also updated windows and improved insulation where possible to reduce heating costs and improve comfort.

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