Hilltop House
Middlesex, VT

Nestled into a steep Vermont hillside, this home was carefully designed and positioned to efficiently and thoughtfully take advantage of the challenging terrain and stunning mountain views.  The house is characterized by a series of connected wedge-shaped volumes.  Roof lines lift toward views and sunlight and provide airy, varied-height spaces within.   Designed to make single-floor living possible, the home has all major living spaces including a bedroom suite and garage on the main level, with a dual-purpose guest room/office, bathroom, and dual-purpose art studio/exercise room below.  Totaling just 2,200 square feet of finished area (with additional mechanical space and an unfinished garage), the house is small, though expansive in feel.  A dramatically angled porch juts out over the hillside, expanding the living space by over 200 square feet in the warmer months.

This home is also a high-performance, energy-efficient home that takes advantage of solar exposure.  Solar panels located just above the house generate power.  The home is heated and cooled by just two air source heat pumps.

A natural, low-maintenance palette extends from interior to exterior including Shou Sugi Ban siding charred and stained a light gray, local maple wood flooring and cabinetry, and stone accents.

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