Offset House
Charlotte, VT

The Offset House sits atop a hillside looking east toward the Green Mountains.  Its bold and simple forms create a striking profile that responds to the site and our clients’s needs.  Inspired by the iconic forms and singular use of materials found in New England barns, the offset house is a modern, domestic interpretation of the agrarian archetype.

The single-story house, designed for easy access to all spaces and the outdoors, is comprised of two volumes—a low garage and higher, gabled house. A continuous horizontal line running through both volumes creates a datum around which the house’s subtler forms are expressed through shifts and cantilevers, window lines and shadow beads. Above this line, the upper segment consists of an asymmetrical, gently sloped roof (fully loaded with solar panels to hit our Net-Zero energy goals) which appears offset –“slipping” southward to create exterior, covered space. The interior living and kitchen spaces follow the shape of the angular roof line; the dining room ceiling sits lower to form a more intimate space.

Framed views and ample glazing allow spaces to take full advantage of natural light and surroundings, creating a warm and fluid interior with a strong connection to the outdoors and mountain views. The material choices and overall form are no-fuss, and no- to little- maintenance.

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